Friday, December 28, 2007

Joy School Christmas Party

We had a perfect Joy School Christmas party. It was so fun to watch Hazel preform (which she is not at all shy about doing). At the beginning of the party Hazel did a little dance that she has been learning in her dance class with Ms. Angi. Man, did she ham it up, smile and all. Too bad I couldn't get the darn video to work on my camera.
By some flash of inspiration Angi cast Hazel as Mary in the nativity pageant. None of the other girls seemed to be jealous, but Hazel was clearly very happy with her staring role. She took her character very seriously and acted with great piety and seriousness. It was actually quite touching to see her so caught up in the sacredness of the Christmas story.

Even after the pageant was over and they were posing for a smiley picture, Hazel had to have this serious (almost pained) expression. I love that girl.

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  1. Saydi, I just HAVE to get a copy of the Top Hat picture. It is so cute!



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