Friday, December 28, 2007


I wish we had captured it better in film, because it was breathtaking. We had what seemed like four feet of snow within 8 days and it literally took my breath away every time I looked out the window. What got me was the snow lined "winter trees" (as Hazel calls them). Something about how the snow defines each branch is so delicate and beautiful. And then, on top of all the white beauty, there are little crystals in the air. I love this part of winter. Too bad it gets so black and icy so fast here.

I took quite a dangerous trek (with the two kids in the stroller) into the cemetery by our house to try to capture the wonder of it all. I got this one kind of funny picture before my battery ran out. Darn. Just try to imagine a perfect winter wonderland. What a great Christmas gift.
Besides looking pretty, the snow snowed me in and forced me to slow down for an afternoon. I should have been at work and instead I got to stay home and play with the kids and clean the house a bit. I doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was a huge blessing that day.

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