Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dreamy Jeff Shumway

On January 13th Jeff turned .......(I'll keep you guessing).

The kids were thrilled to celebrate his birthday. We had a great day... Jeff didn't have to go to his early morning meeting, the kids took good naps, we opened presents and had a birthday open house. I think he liked it (but he is really easy to outrageous birthday expectations for this boy, unlike someone we all know).

The best part, I thought, was being able to see so many good friends at his little cake and ice cream party. It is so nice to have a warm home in the winter all filled up with people you love and who love you back. What a blessing this is. Everyone came with book recommendations for Jeff (in leau of gifts). We have such good, interesting, thoughtful, fun, faithful friends. It felt so nice to have so many of them under our roof. And it wasn't even too crazy since we moved our little 12 inch tv upstairs to the guest room and sent a bunch of the walloping kids up there to watch a movie.
Maybe Jeff's best part was the cool tiny triumph and model engine toy that his dad sent. I got him a bass amp, which he didn't manage to get working that night, but a few nights ago he got it figured out, and the smile on his face as he played along with some 80's rock was worth all the crazy moments I spent trying to figure out what kind of amp would suit him. I love this guy.

Since I know Jeff will really love and appreciate me if I do this, I'm going to write the top ten thinks I love about DJS (he can't stand shmoop like this....but I need our posterity to know how cool I think he grin and bear it honey):

10. Smart. Jeff is smart. Maybe the smartest person I personally know (sorry to all you other smarties out there). And he isn't just book smart (although he is that). He is morally smart. He gets the world and how it works and what is right and what isn't right and how to fix it. And he's really never wrong about those things. That's pretty impressive.

9. Funny....yes, it's more of a clever humor that he has, not a silly, belly laugh humor....but that's what I love about it. It's really pretty funny.

8. Hot. Yes, even with his beautifully balding head, Jeff is Hot. And I'm far from being the only girl who thinks that.

7. Good. Jeff is good to the core. He would never do anything (or dream of doing anything) that would intentionally hurt anyone. He is the kindest person I know (expect while driving).

6. He has very intense policy discussions with himself in the shower (complete with hand gestures). Some sing, some discuss the complexities of abortion policy. Love it.

5. He's helpful in the kitchen, and the house, and the car....he can pretty much do anything....not that he does do everything, but he CAN, and that's a great person to have around (especially in a house that's falling down).

4. He's a really remarkable father. Maybe my favorite part of the day is when he walks in the door and the kids squeal and scamper and cling to him and insist on doing all the fun things that he does with them....all at once: "fly bug? wrestle? hide and seek? bug not broken? play matching game? hide and seek? family home evening time!?" And it's not just that they're not clinging to me that I like this particular moment of the day.....I love it because they love him and he loves them and there is really love all around. And maybe my other favorite part of the day is laying in bed with Jeff and talking about all the funny things the kids said or did. We should really record these conversations. I love Jeff's incites as a father and how clued in he is with what the kids need and what we should do to address all the crazily changing needs. I feel he is my true partner in parenting, and that is an amazing thing.

3. He relates to everyone, and everyone likes him. Probably because he is the most nonjudgmental person I know. He gives people the benefit of the doubt and always considers that they might be dealing with things that he has no knowledge of (except, of course when driving).

2. He's a true renaissance man. He totally hears and understands the complexities of a beautiful piece of classical music....and the next minute he's trying (feudally) to explain to me the complexities of the Patriots and the Red Sox. You can really talk to Jeff about anything.

2. He has a strong, deep, well thought out testimony of Jesus Christ and his gospel.

1. He courted me for nearly a year without giving, am I grateful that he stuck around.

There are actually a lot more reasons I love Jeff.....but if I keep going, Jeff will probably delete this post.......Jeff, please don't delete this post.
Hazel took these pictures of Jeff...sure looks like a loving father, no?


  1. great post sayds. it is so good to see what you are doing through your writing. i really admire your get togethers with your friends. well done on that.

  2. does jeff really have policy discussions in the shower? can you audiotape that?

  3. You do realize that your list of the Top 10 things actually goes to eleven. And Jeff would understand, this one is so much better, because it goes to Ee-le-ven. Just like the best amp, it doesn't just go to 10, it goes to 11.



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