Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tea Parties

Ever since Grandma Shumway gave Hazel a tea set for Christmas she has been obsessed with Tea Parties (or, as she calls the event, "Tea Sets"). We decided that the Christmas tea set (complete with an adorable little basket) was perfect for pretend tea parties, but that the little cups didn't hold enough of the delicious berry luckily I discovered a bunch of boxes of china in our basement that the original owners of our house left behind....I went searching through the boxes and found at least 15 little tea cups and sauces....all different, and gaudy and perfect for 3 year old tea parties. Hazel and I were both thrilled at this discovery and we've had everyone we know over for "tea sets" ever since.

JoySchool snack time Tea Party (how could Charlie NOT dress up as a princess with this crowd?)

We've even had a few special mommy/hazel tea parties in the afternoon while Charlie is napping. Hazel suddenly becomes very grown up and polite during the party. When we're alone we have really pretty fun, interesting conversations (never thought this day would come....hallelujah!) We've decided that she gets to pretty much be the boss during the tea party (which thrills her to death). The very first time we did this with friends we sat down and Hazel said (totally unprompted), "Welcome to our Tea Set. We're so glad you're all here. I pick Addi to say the prayer." My dear friend Kristy's little girl came to play for a few days while her dad campaigned in New Hampshire for Romney. Hazel loved having a "real princess girl" over with golden hair.

Even Charlie loves tea parties (mostly for the tea with sugar cubes and the Graham crackers....and the occasional chance to dress as a princess.)
I'm loving this part of motherhood. Thanks for the inspiration Grandma Shumway!


  1. Boy did we start something! Saydi, do you remember our tea party at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco? I'll hjave to take Hazel there sometime.

    I love Charlie's princess dress. It rivals Will at age 2 in the blue chiffon number.

  2. Cute stuff, Sayds. I wish Claire could be there for a "tea set." She'd be in Heaven. Sure love you.

  3. These are so darling. And of course my favorite part is the grown-up conversations you and Hazel get to have!

  4. Awww, that brings back good memories for me. Not really of childhood tea parties, but of dressing my little brother up in our clothes and putting pink sponge rollers in his hair.



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