Thursday, January 24, 2008

PBS Kids, Jelly and sex ed

Today on the way home from JoySchool my friend asked Hazel where she got her cute yellow boots. She responded, "Yeah, I got them at PBS kids. They have boots there and princesses and beasteses (beasts)." Too much PBS kids, and too much listening to mom talk to friends about where she is getting what. This just reconfirms my new years resolutions to cut down on tv and commercialism. I'm trying not to to buy anything that is not totally necessary (food, medicine etc) until Easter....think I can do it? Man it does feel nice to not have (or to shoot down) that nagging "need to go to Target" feeling.

A while back I asked Hazel if she wanted peanut butter and honey or peanut butter and jelly. She said she wanted Jelly. Then she told me, "I LOVE Jelly. I love Jelly. She's my friend, and also kind of a food."

It seems I need to read "How to talk to your kids about Sex" much earlier than I had thought. Hazel is very into babies and peepers (the male member). The other day she walked around for most of the day with two little care bears in her stomach complaining of all kinds of aches and pains. She'd go and lie on the couch and sigh and beg me to come and be the doctor and "check her." This check up consisted of me asking how she was feeling and listening to see if the babies were ok in there. Towards late afternoon Hazel informed me that the babies were going to pop out. Sure enough, she laid on the couch and out popped the twins. She took very good care of them all evening and I found them later that night sleeping tightly on top of Jeff's bass case. Then, a few days later she educated me on two very important points. 1. When a baby comes out you push and push and push until they just pop out of your toes (not sure if that would be better or worse then how it actually happens). 2. Boys have peepers and girls have big bellies with babies in them.

Mom and dad, can you send me a copy of that book?


  1. Love it - I read your latest posts last night (instead of sleeping) and I couldn't stop - they were addicting. You are very good at the Saydie and when you publish these posts into a book I want to buy a copy so I can look at all of the photos :)

  2. I love H's wisdom and her cute yellow boots.Today little J reminded me on multiple occasions that if you eat too much butter your heart gets blocked and can't pump and pump and pump.



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