Monday, February 18, 2008

All Hail Charlie, the K.O.P.!

That stands for the King of Poop, just so you know.

Saydi suddenly insisted that I start blogging, and I think the timing is no coincidence. We potty trained Charlie (24 months), but only for Numero Uno. We had been promising lollipops, candy, cake, ice cream, anything he could cram past his sticky little lips if only he would go poop in the toilet. But no dice. He started judiciously holding out until his naptime, when we swap out his Lightning McQueen underpants for Pampers.

But all that changed last night.

Charlie had been asking to go to bed for almost two hours (a sure sign of impending poop), but Saydi (highly intuitive mother that she is) refused. By the time he was ready to do his normal pre-bedtime pee-pee, Mother Nature had him between a rock and a hard place (or perhaps a highly motivated mother and a large piece of porcelain, to be more precise).

Because I was downstairs cleaning up, the first news I heard was Hazel, who was promised her own sugary cornucopia when Charlie finally pooped like a big boy, yelling about suckers and candy. Not wanting to waste any time in reinforcing this most positive of behaviors, I ran and got a lollipop as fast as I could, and got it into Charlie's hands PDQ. And then the Wild Rumpus started...

We whisked the kids downstairs to the kitchen, Charlie still in underpants, to have ice cream. Saydi made him his own little tinfoil crown, while I dished out (what else!) chocolate ice cream to commemorate the Grand Defecatory Event.

And this is where things got slightly strange...

Saydi wanted to memorialize the celebration by taking a few pictures (normal) of Charlie's butt (less normal, but it's a cute butt). Then Hazel wanted a piece of the action. Soon Hazel and Charlie are striking strange poses that can only be described as vaguely Polynesian, or perhaps reminiscent of the Village People.

So here's to you, Charlie, and your new-found powers over excretion. May they serve you well.

Live long and prosper, little man.


  1. i'm sorry but IF this were a a competition you would win jeff. that is the best blog entry i have ever read. rocks and poopa.

  2. Yep, that wins for sure. Good going Jeff!

  3. Oh, and good going Charlie Dean!

  4. Oh, and congrats to the insistent and intuitive mother, Sayds.

  5. All I can think of is the Police song. "There's a little black spot on the sun today...." Er...

  6. this post is hilarious! right up my ally. my son is in josh's class by the way and i come check you guys out from time to time, i hopw you don't mind.

    yeah for poop and YEAH more that it made it in the toilet! so great!

  7. Can I be jealous? Of the entry and that Charlie can use the potty chair. Good on ya! All of yas!

  8. HILARIOUS!! I have been meaning to call you Sayds to find out how the potty training is going. We've sort of stalled out (no pun intended). Oliver has realized that it's no big deal to wet a pull-up or even he doesn't rush to the potty everytime he has to go anymore. He's also discovered the magical power that the word "poopoo" has over his parents. He uses it as a delay tactic to avoid going to bed or down for a nap. We can't tell if he's bluffing so we usually get him out of bed even if he was just on the potty. He needs a book to get his business done (he's totally an old man already!) so we have to sit with him and read to him while he either goes or pretends to go. So lately I've started telling him that sorry, we can't go poopoo until tomorrow. We are essentially un-potty training him. nice.

    Anyway, I love the pictures. Those kids are so cute!!!!

  9. Hi Saydi and Jeff! I stumbled across your blog (ok I searched it out) and this is the first entry- looks like I will be visiting more often if only for the entertainment factor!! Congrats Charlie- your kids are adorable!!! I especially love polynesian dancing picture of the two of them.



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