Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy (late) Love Day

We had a pretty crazy Valentines's how it went:
12:45 am - finally finished baking all the dumb treats that for some reason I felt I had to bake for friends, clients, neighbors, young women and joy school kids and moms.
1:15 am - finally quit and went to bed.....with the leftover home made marshmallow goo still sticking to everything in the kitchen.
6:45am - jeff leaves for a business trip
7:00am - I get up and shower, get the sleeping kids up and dressed, make breakfast, get Hazel to finish coloring things for joy school, try to clean the goo off of everything in the kitchen, pack up valentine goodly plates, deliver them to a neighbor, try to find a flashlight, things that float, magnets, jello and food coloring for joy school experiments (the joy of interest and curiosity)
9:30 - the joy school kids arrive. Hazel enters her "joyschool mode" which is mostly a needy, bossy and yelling at other kids mode. Can't begin to describe the craziness of Joy School.
11:30 - joyschool moms come to our "valentines party." The house is still a disaster (maybe they'll just think it's from joyschool?). Hazel is still screaming at kids to do the right things (pretty embarrassing).
12:30 everyone's out. try to clean up marshmallow goo.
1:30 leave to work.....tough day at work. the group I'm running this winter for new moms is loosing members co worker and I had to kill ourselves to get two clients to come to this group that I spent so much time planning....kind of frustrating.
7:00 leave the office to go and visit a new client. She's due next week. Her husband had to flee to Canada because he was going to be deported, she has an extremely difficult and delayed two year old, she has no income, she's totally alone with nothing to do during the day while her 2 year old is in child care.....what would that be like? Nothing to do but watch tv? It would be horrible. Even on a crazy day like today, I'd rather have my craziness than her loneliness and worry and stress and boredom.
9:00 Come home exhausted to find that my dear babysitter Ada has cleaned up the marshmallow goo and my dear husband has put the kids to bed after his long business trip.
And even with all this craziness, I LOVE my life.

There are so many things to love in our life that's bursting at the seams: dear kids who love each other (shown often by bossing or teasing), a husband/father who cares for all of us so well, good work to do at home, at church and at work, strong healthy bodies, people we love all around us. Not to mention all the luxuries we have that we take for granted everyday: a car that runs, a warm house with water and heat tapped in, closets full of clothes, food going bad in the fridge, things to take care of and clean. Man, life is good.


  1. When do you have time to even take pictures? What I day! After reading about all you are doing, I'm thinking I should be accomplishing a lot more.

  2. man. little chuckles looks so grown up in that last picture. that is my favorite one. well written.

  3. I can't get over your pictures! They are amazing!

  4. Saydi, this is what I picture you doing every day. You are always soooo busy, and it's always busy doing things for other people. You are amazing.

  5. Saydi, how do you do it all???
    Plus produce such adorable kids!
    Love you,



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