Wednesday, February 13, 2008

quirky Hazel

Hazel has been a mixed bag lately. One minute she is bursting with sweetness and happy energy, playing funny creative games with herself and helping little Charlie and the next think I know my little girl is screaming in a friends face, shaking with frustration, yelling at her brother, bossing me around. It's hard to know which Hazel you're going to get. I guess it's also hard for her to know which mama she's going to get. I guess I can't be too hard on her when I don't behave 100% of the time either.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite things Hazel has done lately:

- Yesterday during "rest" time she snuck downstairs where I was working on the computer and started playing quietly by herself. She got out all of the stuffed animals and took all the cushions off the couch and placed them each on a cushion. She then stood up on the cushion less couch and said in a strong voice "Presenting: Me Stepping on them!" She then proceeded to call each animal by name and step on it. It was quite amusing. My favorite part was the names she gave them: An elephant named Nasker, a frog named Lilly Skander, her little doll Pinky, a dog named Scum, a duck called Cuppy, another dog called Scammer, a bunny named Snuffies, and a bear called Dinosaur.

- the other night at dinner Hazel asked her dad "Please pass the butter." Then she said to us in her proud voice, "You hear that? That's Hazel being polite."

- When she has anything on her face she tells me that it's a freckle. Then she talks about that mean mom of Annie's that wanted to step on their freckles and straighten their curls.

She's really a sweet girl, and you can tell she's trying so hard to negotiate this little world of hers with a mom that's way too busy.


  1. These are gorgeous photos, can you come to our house and catch some sunshine and take photos of my kids? You have lots of talent! -- Sharisa

  2. These photos are amazing Saydi. Just beautiful.

    And yes winter weather definitely can do the winter blues thing! Brave and wonderful of you to share with us.
    My best,


  3. Sayds, those pictures really are amazing. Love that Hazel.

  4. Those pictures are awesome and Hazel is hilarious!



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