Friday, February 22, 2008

what?!!! political blog highjacking?

So I'm kind of freaked out. I logged on just now and had a new post on my blog. I thought, hmmmm, I guess Jeff is really getting into this blogging thing. Turns out it is a post that says that we're supporting Hillary Clinton. I thought this must be jeff who has heard something horrible about Obama today or something, but was utterly confused. Mostly because the writing didn't sound at all like his. Turns out it's not. How in the world did someone get into our blog? That makes me pretty worried.

Please send me ideas of what to should I report this?


  1. Jason2:17 PM

    Can you think of anyone besides you and Jeff who has the password necessary to edit your blog? If so, could be a good-natured prank or practical joke from friends or family.

    If this was some sort of large-scale hack, I would expect to see other complaints start to surface. Right now I don't see anything (granted, I only did some very cursory searching), but it's something to keep an eye out for.

  2. ok, ashley and todd, very funny. you really had me there, I could NOT figure out how that could have happened......

    very very funny.



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