Friday, February 22, 2008

pretty good prank

Props to Ashley and Todd for a pretty good prank. You really had me going there, I was a bit worried.....even searched around to see if this was happening on a larger scale. I could NOT think of who would have access to my blog. For all of those who don't know, I was over at the Harris's earlier this week and had stayed logged in to Gmail so they had access to my blog. Pretty good one.

But, I have to say it can't top the following prank documented below. Some of my friends in NYC pulled this off, for real. It's amazing. It's worth the watch, pretty darn funny. At least I don't feel as dumb as Barret must have felt.



  1. Ok, those guys are so funny. Can I please adopt them as my own friends? Poor poor Barrett. I hope they sent that in to the real Donald. He'd probably get an interview just for that.

  2. woops, I'm still signed in as you...he he...i'll change that right now. :)

  3. Hi Sayds--I love catching up with you guys via blog. It reminds me of our New England days, which I miss. You guys are such great parents--you inspire me to be better!

  4. Classic! -Long video, but worth the wait for sure. -And I do pushups to get pumped up every time I take off my shirt, too. It helps...

  5. Classic! Long video, but worth the wait for sure... -And I do pushups every time I take off my shirt, too. It helps...



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