Sunday, March 30, 2008

Here we go again!

Man, how do all you bloggers out there stay on top of this blogging thing? Once I get a teeny bit behind it seems like such a hurdle to get caught up again and I sprial into a non-blogging world that's hard to climb out of. You may say, just don't catch up.....well, the problem is that I mostly see this blog as our family journal and my substitute for any kind of scrap, I know if I don't catch up the blog on things we've done that I'll just forget them and the pictures will get lost in a folder on my computer along with the memories (since I remember nothing that I don't have a picture of).

So, be prepared for an onslaught of blogging activity tonight.....please don't feel like you need to read through all this stuff, like I said, this is mostly a family journal and I start to feel really self conscious if people start reading through all the sometimes mundane details of the boston shumways.

And, those of you who stay so well on top of your blog, how do you do it? Any suggestions?


  1. Your posts are so cute Sayd! I love them! I do a once a month blog--sure I miss some stuff, but it's a lot faster to read back through a full year, and I feel like I have better perspective on what I might really care about in the future by then. On the downside, it's rather boring for people who occasionally drop in to visit! You're a darling--and so are those kids and hub!

  2. We are just glad to see some activity ~ there is a calm reassurance when I read your blogs and know that everything is well with the Shumways.
    Missed your posts :)

  3. I'm a scheduler, if I don't schedule it, it doesn't happen. So blogging is our "family history" activity on Sundays. We look through pictures, and pick a song and then write it out as fast as we can, sometimes trading off. However, I don't have kids yet, so who knows if I will keep it up come june!

  4. Here's how you do it: have no job and no kids. So easy!



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