Sunday, March 30, 2008

Balmy Newport

So, after our little stint in Fall River and the ever exciting battleship cove we headed down to Newport RI. I had never been and had heard it was a charming getaway....and that it was. We were one click away from booking a trip to the Bahamas, and no, Newport didn't offer the warmth my body was craving, but it was luxurious and relaxing and fun to feel we could spend a little of the money we would have spent on travel on really good food and an extremely decadent bed and breakfast. Newport is famous for it's mansions and we toured one of the most elaborate ones "the breakers." Boy did those people know how to live. It was so full of gaudy details and extravagance. It was pretty interesting to see, and so nice to be there with out kids, although I think the princess in Hazel would have really enjoyed it.

Even though it was freezing, we spent a great afternoon on the 'cliff walk.' It felt so good to be surrounded by nature. You don't get that breath taking nature feeling too often in Malden.

We went out to an amazing hotel called Castle Hill to look around and walked out to their lighthouse. The fierce wind took your breath away and felt pretty darn exhilarating.

We stayed at a fabulous bed and breakfast called the Hilltop Inn. It was everything you'd want in a bed and breakfast....cozy, quaint, great food, friendly but not invasive amazing room, two fireplaces. We spent a lot of time just chilling and reading and sleeping and I even got to take a bath (when does that happen in real life?). It felt awesome.
Before leaving on our trip Nedra presented us with an awesome gift bag filled with all the necessities to have a "Caribbean" vacation in Newport RI. A plastic palm tree, self-tanning lotion, trashy romance novels, sunglasses, lays, shelled necklaces and little drink mixes attached to drink umbrellas. See picture above.

We also spent a lot of time eating really yummy food. Growing up my mom used to say that anything she didn't have to prepare tasted good to her. I totally see what she means now....but this food was way beyond was really really enjoyable. What a luxury to spend two hours eating dinner while discussing life and watching the sunset with your spouse. Thanks Nedra and Mary Ann!


  1. I love that you went to Newport. I spent so much time there as a little girl and seeing your pictures brought back great memories. Glad you got a get-away.

  2. Nedra is amazing! C'mon, come and babysit the kids AND have a little gift basket ready? Seriously you need to hang on to her! And I love the pictures.



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