Sunday, March 30, 2008

Battleship Cove!!!

Can you sense my excitement by the three exclamation points in the subject line? Yes, on our way to our "Caribbean" get away to Newport RI (more about that later) we made two major stops. First, we stopped at Ikea to try and figure out how we can update our kitchen for under $500. We spent the night in Fall River, MA at a deluxe Best Western with a great breakfast buffet with semi frozen filmy breakfast sausages (don't worry, the food gets MUCH better as the trip progresses). After going to sacrament meeting at a great little branch on Sunday morning we headed for BATTLESHIP COVE!!!! Jeff was in HEAVEN, I was freezing. We walked all through the submarine and Jeff taught me a ton about the big battleship.....I was surprised to actually enjoy myself (probably much more than Jeff enjoyed himself at Ikea). It's so fun to go to these places with Jeff because you don't have to stop to read the plaques....he already knows it all (or at least fakes it really well). He is a really good teacher and I learned a ton. Mostly I was just enjoying not lugging around the kids. It's amazing how anything seems luxurious and fun when you get a break from the sweet little darlings.


  1. Hey Sayds, you have that writing gift too! I've spent a fair amount of time at IKEA myself the past couple of weeks. Great ideas but it takes so much mental energy!

    So glad you got away for a while. Bless Nedra!


  2. Great getaway!



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