Sunday, March 30, 2008

watching the snows

We spent the weekend after our little getaway in another quaint, charming little town called Belmont watching our friends 4 children while they went to the Caribbean (don't worry, they did beg us to go with them, even offered to let us stay in their hotel room with them....).
Their kids are simply delightful (and this isn't just Saydi being a pleaser because she knows the snows will read this blog....they are really really amazing children. We were great parents of six....fed them a lot of great food like pop corn chicken and Jeff taught them all to do the "qua, qua, qua" which is a little move that he learned from our friend "The Karate Kid." See our youtube channel for a live demonstration by Hazel, Charlie and Jeff.
Mostly I was happy that Hazel got to hang around with three really good role models. The snows have three adorable, sweet, obedient, friendly and kind daughters whom I am really hopeing Hazel will continue to idolize. The whole weekend made Jeff and I want to be better parents and get a plasma tv (those two desires don't really go together, I know....but still....)
And boy, this Charlie is full of himself lately. It's amazing what being in a house full of older women can do to our little Charlie.

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  1. You are too kind! Anytime you want to watch our chitlens, just say the word. Every time they are with you, they come back nicer, smarter, and cuter...all because of you.



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