Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Heart the Cambridge Birth Center!

Over Father's day weekend we attended the Cambridge Birth Center's 10 year Anniversary party. I don't think I can describe my feelings for the Birth Center. I love that place. When I'm not pregnant I walk in there and it makes me want so much to have a baby (now, that's saying a lot!). And when I am pregnant I'm happy about it when I'm there. The people there are just so caring, and good and empowering. My experiences there both as a social worker (I discovered the birth center through my work with pregnant women in Cambridge and Somerville) and as a patient have given me such a happy perspective on pregnancy, labor and birth.
I have quite a few good friends who have given birth a the birth center. I feel such a cool connection with them.
This is our amazing Doula Lorenza. She was there for both Charlie and Hazel's birth. She is one of those great calm souls who has love and warmth just oozing out of everything she does. Jeff loves her as much as I do because he helped him feel comfortable with all the crazy birth stuff around him that would have normally freaked him out....and she gave him some useful things to do during my labors.

Someday when my brain isn't shrunken by pregnancy I hope I'll expound on why I love this place and what my experiences and the people there have taught me.

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