Tuesday, June 10, 2008

suddenly summer

That's really the only way summer comes in Boston, suddenly. One day it will be 65 and the next day it's 95 (feels like 105 with the humidity). Boy does it really shock your system. But, we couldn't be happier. I LOVE summer, and the little signs of it that crowd my life now: wet swim suits hung on all the doorknobs upstairs, beach towels hanging to dry on the front porch, sand in the car, sand in the house, sand in your hair and bed and food, that exquisite exhaustion you're left with after a day in the sun. I love it....and the kids do to.

We've been living it up the past few weeks and we're all happily exhausted.

Hazel and Charlie have been taking swim classes from my good friend A, who also taught Hazel dance this year, there is nothing this friend can't do. Hazel has been LOVING it, Charlie has been living through it. My little water birth baby is a little scared of water this year, but each time he's a little better. After the 1/2 hour class we get to hang out at the pool, which I think is the greatest way in the world to spend a summer afternoon. And the greatest thing is that this year my kids love it too.

Over the weekend we went to a beach birthday party and stayed until sunset. We walked way out onto a sandbar and the kids sang the sun goodnight songs until it sunk below the ocean. It was really breathtaking. Sweet Charlie said the greatest prayer that night, so full of gratitude for the moon and the ocean and the dead fish he found on the beach.

We met some of our good friends from our Cambridge ward on Sunday for a potluck in the park and stayed until the mosquitoes were eating us alive and the kids were covered with dirt and sweat and grass stains.

Today was the hottest day so far (105 I think?) and my good friend H and I decided to be ambitious and take the kids to the beach AND the SCOOPERBOWL (all you can eat Ice Cream in downtown Boston). Whoa, am I tired. But we had a great, hot, sweaty day and the kids are now sleeping deeply with sand in their hair and tummies full of all the ice cream they could eat.
(don't you love how much fun Hazel looks like she's having in this last shot? She was a little heat exhausted by then.)
Life is good.

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  1. Saydi, You do not even know us (yet), but we feel like we know you guys. I found your blog through Ashley's and have been looking for several days. We are so excited to move out to Boston and just think your family is fabulous--even without officially meeting. :)

    Just had to comment when I saw your beach pictures. Your kids are darling and the photos are amazing, of course. We'll let you know when we are headed your way. Please save us a house. :) And thanks to Jeff for all the good advice he gave Jacob yesterday.



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