Sunday, June 08, 2008

take pictures with your kids!

At the beginning of April my good friend H and I enjoyed a really pretty magical day at the beach (if you've lived in New England you know that anytime you can go to the beach in April without freezing to death is pretty magical).

She took these two pictures of me with Charlie and printed them for me. It was one of the best gifts I've ever received. Seeing the expressions on our faces made me step back for a few seconds and realize (after getting over how funny my hair looks) a few important things about my mothering experience right now:
1. I really love and enjoy charlie (and Hazel, but this picture doesn't show that)
2. he really loves and enjoys me
3. we really did enjoy those few moments when the picture was snapped. we really lived them. we were present.
I hope one day when he's big and beyond tickling and cuddling with his mom he'll look at these shots and realize how much I love AND like him. (I know that's pretty idealistic.....and probably unrealistic....he is a boy....but still , can I hope for it?)

So, my advice (not that you wanted it)....instead of just taking pictures of your kids, have someone snap some shots of you with your kids. It may help you soak in the moments a little more (or at least remind you on really bad days that you do like your kids).


  1. I totally agree. I have a few amazing pics like that myself. I am really excited to have a boy...since my daughter is such a daddy's girl, I am praying for a mommy's boy.



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