Monday, June 16, 2008

tribute to dads

This post is dedicated to all the great dads in my life, especially my extraordinary dadly.

Can I just brag for a minute about my dad? It's hard to describe him, but I really think he is one of the greatest dads to ever live. I know that sounds kind of cliche, but I am totally serious. He is an amazing person by the worlds standards, he has accomplished so much and helped so many. But what I'm most proud of is that that worldly standard doesn't seem to mean much to him. It has always been abundantly clear that he is most concerned about being the best father, husband and family creator he can be. He pours his deep soul into creating a family that provides me with so much support and direction and confidence and love. He has really dedicated his professional and personal life to what is most important to him (and to me and to the world): the Family. How could you ask for a better dad?

Here are a few of the things I love about my dad:

10. He is a dreamer.....but more than that, he is a creator. He knows how to create things mentally and spiritually and then bring them to pass. It is a gift.
9. He knows his children and is constantly working hard to know them better and deeper so that he can help them. That's what he lives for.
8. Like shawni said so well: He loves my mom more than me. That has given us all such a strong feeling of security.
7. He is a "little bit crazy." Always up for great adventures. Never worried about what people might think.
6. He is one of the funnest people I know to discuss things with. He always has a unique way of looking at normal things that makes you think a little deeper.
5. He has a passion for life that he spreads to people around him.....a passion for things that others might not notice: a bright leaf in the sun, the way words work together, the way horses smell, the color of a dessert lake, the lyrics to a song, savoring the slow life.
4. He has a love for God and is always striving to do His will and be a true Christian.
3. He loves his grandkids all dearly, and knows them each individually. He notices things about my kids that I've never noticed. They all love him back.
2. He has an awesome sense of style. Just check out his outfits when you see him next. Awesome.
1. He has taught me the supreme importance of parenthood. Lessons that I live and learn from every day in my quest to be as dedicated a mother as he was a father to me.

This slide show is a tribute mostly to my dad, but also to all the other amazing dads I know. The world needs good Dads....and I feel privileged to be able to see so many of them in action around me.


  1. amen to that! every time i get to go to mp17 i can't WAIT to see your dad in his cowboy boots, playing the cello and making a great comment in sunday school. he is a total hero. love the slide show saydi!

  2. Congrats on 20 weeks girl! Half way there.



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