Monday, July 07, 2008

Amazing Angi

This is very old news to anyone who knows my friend Angi.....but she is absolutely amazing. Not only can she do anything, but she can do it darn well....and well enough to teach it to three year olds. She has been our "teacher" this year in Joy School, for Dance Class, and most recently for swim lessons.
Hazel thinks Angi is THE TEACHER for everything. I realized this when we walked by some tennis courts last weekend and I told Hazel that maybe one day when she gets older she could learn to play tennis. She responded, "Yeah, we'll have to find out if Angi knows how to do that!"
And on top of it all, she takes these amazing pictures as well.

I'm pleased as punch that Hazel loves Angi's daughter, Adi so much. Maybe just being around those genes will do Hazel some good.
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