Monday, July 07, 2008

Vacation from Parenting

We just finished our every two year Shumway reunion in northern California. We all had such a good time. I love being around Jeff's family. The adults are all so interesting and fun to talk to and my kids adore the McFarlands. Jeff and I were totally shocked at how little we had to do with or for our kids the entire time we were there. Between Maddie taking little Hazel under her wing (reading to her, teaching her to read, putting her to sleep, buckling her in etc), Will and Sebi wrestling and sword fighting with Charlie, Papa Rob telling spectacular stories and handing out Jelly Bellies, Grandma and Grandpa getting them involved in various projects and Karen's help shepherding them we hardly had to do a thing.
Our kids were in heaven, we were in heaven.....basically, it rocked.

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