Saturday, July 12, 2008

Perfect 4th of July

I really doubt that there is a more perfect place to celebrate the 4th of July than in Piedmont CA. People, this place is AMAZING! On a regular day walking around you'd think you had walked into some surreal kind of utopia town. The houses are all beautiful, each with unique style, the glass on the windows is wavy and old, the climate is perfect nearly all the time, there don't seem to be any bugs at all, the people mostly smile.....I love going to visit. But man, on the Fourth of July it is better than ever. I just has a perfectly patriotic feel to it. It feels like small towns should feel on the Fourth of July.
The kids thought they had died and gone to heaven because they got to be in the center of the ride in the rubble seat of the Shumway's Model T Ford and throw candy through the town's parade.

Jeff pretty much thought he was the stuff too..... I think he looks pretty hot driving this cool old car.
Grandma (who really thinks of do they do that?) got all the kids coordinating shirts to wear in the parade. Hazel was thrilled to match her idle Maddie.
After riding in the Parade the kids got to watch the remainder of the cars and bands and bagpipes march buy. I think Hazel was a bit disappointed that she threw more candy than she got to eat, but she got over it when she got to drink all the spicy drink she wanted for our 4th of July BBQ.
After a great BBQ we lit a ton of sparklers. What could be more fun for these little pyro than actually being ALLOWED to PLAY with fire!
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  1. Those Model T's are sweet. It looks like you were all in a movie. I hope you're still having fun. We miss you in Boston!

  2. Hey Sayds, great entry. It was almost as good as being there. We're so glad we didn't miss this spectacular event! You gotta love those Shumways!



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