Monday, August 04, 2008

good bye bear lake

What I WON'T miss:
  • having to keep my kids stone quite in the morning in a very unsound proof house that is packed with sleeping people....when I want to be asleep myself too.
  • the chaos and heat at dinnertime
  • not having my kids to myself
  • sand in my bed
  • applying sunscreen (or sunscream as Charlie calls it)
  • clingy Charlie who is forever (and rightfully) worried that he's not going to be able to find me
  • huge bugs and hungry mosquitoes
What I'll miss:
  • having so much time....
  • time to watch the amazing world around me....sunsets, clouds, water, sunlight.....
  • freedom to go and do my thing.....with sisters who'll step in for me while I'm on a run, or off reading or sleeping....what an amazing luxury as a mom!
  • time to soak in my kids at this magical stage in our family life......
  • telling stories to my kids at night about their mirror friends, Ruby and Bump (the faces they see in the mirror). Their eyes get huge as I make up pretty dumb adventures that always end up teaching them about some skill that I've noticed Hazel and Charlie are severely lacking.
  • the beach. there is nothing like long bear lake afternoons soaking in the sun and sand and starkly water.
  • unstructured time....watching as the kids come up with all kinds of creative things to do when they're "board." Boredom is such a blessing sometimes, it leaves room for creativity and adventures and imagination.
  • seeing millions of stars at night and feeling so small
  • good inspiring conversations at night with some of my best friends in the whole world
  • being around and able to observe my brothers and sisters as they parent and create their families. I've learned so much from them this summer.
  • watching my kids interact with their cousins and aunts and uncles....having them feel so loved and learn so much.
  • watching how much my parents love my kids. It's so nice to feel validated in how cool you think your kids are.

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  1. Love this list and love having it "set in stone"!



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