Monday, August 04, 2008

traditional pre-birthday cake float

We had a few days after our MFME trip to just enjoy the lake. My best friend from when I was
three years old came up with her girls (she lives in England, so it was sooo great to see her).
Of course, in those last few days we HAD to float my birthday cake.....yes, I know, my birthday isn't until mid August.....but I share my birthday with my sweet neice Elle and we have the same crazy cake floating birthday we have to do it once while we're together.
Despite all the waves the cake didn't get wet (it never has). We were being pretty careful and only let it actually float for .5 was really wavy this year.
I love sharing a birthday with this cute girl. Now we'll have to both go home and find some weird place to float the cake on the actual birth day. I know, weird tradition....but I love it.

Of course, sweet Charity (in cardboard form) had to jump in on the action.


  1. I'm so grateful to Tasha Tudor for helping us think of this fun tradition! Wish we had kept a little book of pictures from year to year but this is pretty terrific anyway!
    Love you,

  2. So fun to see pics of Amy and her kids. It looks like you had a great summer. And my kids call it "sunscream" too.



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