Monday, August 04, 2008

MFME in Jackson Hole

Every year my mom hosts a little trip for all the female members of the "Eyrealm." She named our little group "Mothers and Future Mothers of the Eyrealm." We basically get together and eat good food and have great discussions and talk about motherhood (which often morphs into graphic birth and breastfeeding discussions....Charity LOVES that part). It is ALWAYS a rejuvenating weekend and I return to my kids and my life with a much broader perspective, feeling inspired by my sisters, sisters-in-law and mother. I'm thankful to be a part of it.

This year, right after the big reunion, we left 13 grandkids with my dad and a few of the brothers (a little scary, I know.....but they were all pretty happy and full of burgers when we got home) and headed up north to Jackson Hole, WY. On the way we stopped to seem my grandpa's old farm (pictured above). We also stopped in Star Valley, WY to visit with some of my moms cousins. It was so fun to sit and talk with them because they knew my grandma Hazel really well. She was one spunky lady, and I'm so glad I named Hazel after her. They're similar in a few strong willed, strong personality ways.....and I hope Hazel develops more of her qualities. She was just a total no-nonsense go getter who worked hard for what she knew what is right and made people feel whole and valued.

This cousin Nada took piano lessons from my grandma and plays just like I remember her playing. Hearing her play (and talk....she's a LOT like my Grandma) instantly made me tear up.
We had a great time once we got to Jackson. I love that place. It is so surrounded by fresh, cool, crisp, grand beauty. I could never get sick of it.

We went to the new wildlife art Museum there. I love visiting art Museums with my mom, she has such a deep love for art and has passed it on to all of us.
We ate at a FABULOUS place called Trio right in the little downtown square there. Everything we put in our mouths was scrumptious. Oh, how I love a good gourmet meal.

After dinner we went to the local melodrama kind of theater (the Pink Garter) and watched Oklahoma. That is a funny musical....a bit odd actually....but rather entertaining. The baby in utero liked it and nearly kicked me out of my seat.

The next day, after a great sleepover at a cute lodge in town, we hiked up and around String lake in Teton National Park, which was breathtaking.

Of course, a trip to Jackson isn't complete without a 1/2 pound plus burger from Billy Burgers. If you haven't been there before, you should go. You sit around the grill and watch them fry up HUGE burgers. The employees act like they're everyone's best friend and had us all come behind the counter to flip a few burgers and take a picture before we left.

You've got to click on this one so that you can read my mom's hat. It's AWESOME.....

The trip was full....full of beauty, good discussion, inspiring examples, good food and belly laughs. I love being connected to these women. Thanks mom for bringing us all together in such a meaningful way each year.

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  1. Oh man, it's hard to realize how much fun you're having until you see it in pictures!



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