Sunday, August 17, 2008

off to camp

We've had a busy birthday cake float, girls camp prep, a ton of work getting a childbirth prep group organized for work, lots of crying and tantrums by Hazel, lots of hard to answer questions by Charlie, lots of cooking and messes and gardening and tomatoes and fun with friends and church stuff.....basically it's been a normal, crazy, packed week.....and I love it. It still feels good to be home even admits all the responsibilities and balancing. It's nice to be back in the thick of life.

Pictures are on hold for big camera's auto focus died while at bear I feel like I've lost a limb and have spent countless hours this week researching new cameras and trying to find the best deals....oh, my compulsive personality is killing me...... Anyway, next week I'll post some that I've taken with my little camera just to document birthdays and such.

I'm now off to girls camp for a week. Thanks to dear dear friends and a very capable husband, I'm leaving my kids for a whole week to volunteer as a counselor at our stake's camp. As hard as it is to call in all these favors and leave what was starting to feel like a normal life again....I'm psyched to get to know the young women in the stake and to feel the spirit like you do at girls camp.

Hazel is psyched that I'm leaving for a whole week. Today when I told her I was going to be gone for a long time she got a huge smile on her face and said "My wish came true!" Then I remembered that at Bear Lake she had told me that she wanted me to go away for a long long time and just have Jeff and other people take care of her. Ouch.....that hurts.....but, I guess I'm also a little excited to get away from her too. I think a little break will do us good.

She is cracking me up lately though, she's just so darn grown up with her hand gestures and her facial expressions. And she tries to explain everything in a very adult way. Today she told me that she knows what the Holy Ghost looks like.....apparently it looks like a Godhead. She thought that was pretty funny and drew a great little round smiley face to illustrate. Oh, the things she's teaching me.

Well, I need to go pack and prepare a million things before I sleep.... miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep.

Sorry about the rambling.

Oh, and this baby is kicking me like crazy....all the time......what am I creating inside there? Yikes.


  1. I love that you commented on my blog!! I've been stalking you for so long and hoping you would respond--all for naught. You can't imagine how my heart LEAPT for joy to see your comment. LEAPT. No joke. :) Don't even dare say my pics are good miss professional photographer. I'm just having fun, yours are all beautiful. And by the way, I want to know how you made your picture big--and yes, I like it that big. Looks good, and I see it all.
    All kinds of love-- miss you and your main man! xo

  2. Hi Saydi
    Have fun at girls camp. I went in July with the Winston-Salem,NC Stake and had a blast! I dressed up as Spidergirl and danced across the stage to all kinds of music from our time.
    Congratulations on baby #3. I think we may be due close to the same time. I am expecting a girl in December.
    Have fun!



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