Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Things I love, things I don't love so much

Ok, first of all, I hate that I'm so bad at this blogging thing! I can't keep up with everything that's going on in life and have it set in the back of my head that I have to have a huge chunk of time to get caught up....but, that luxurious huge chunk of time just doesn't come my way these days.....so it's going to have to be snipits....out of order, incomplete snipits of our life if I'm to document it at all.

So that my blog doesn't sound like this (you should click that link for a laugh) I thought I'd document some of the crappy things in my life right now before I go on to the things that I'm enjoying.

Things I don't love very much about my life right now ("Hazel, at our house we don't say the word hate").

- mosquito bites. is there something about pregnancy that makes you more prone and make them itch so badly that you want to rip your skin off?
- the fact that I can not keep my house looking clean and that there are milk splatters all over our floor, even after I've just mopped.
- running errands. I don't like errands, and and running errands with two kids makes me feel like I'm being pecked to death by a duck. They are constantly either asking a million questions or trying to show me a million things all while I'm trying to just run in and pick out the right fabric markers for a young women's activity that's starting in 4 minutes. I'm sure that the other store customers feel so sorry for my poor neglected kids as I tell them (loudly) over and over again "no! I'm not going to come and look right now...and no more questions!" That is, unless they have kids of their own, then they're probably just counting their lucky stars that they don't have them with them.
- busyness....I have way too much going on.
- the fact that I get TOTALLY obsessed with material things (like finding a new camera and lens) and I can not cut the strings that seem to be dragging me towards the computer while I'm trying to create some kind of order in my home.
- sciatica. For those of you who've had this pregnancy condition, I don't need to say any more....for those who haven't....suffice it to say that it's rather difficult to do the motherly things that have to be done when I can't really walk upright. Sometimes I just have to laugh as I hobble around like an old lady.
-planning Hazel's birthday party with her. Oh man.....I'm in for a treat with this girl as she gets older. Already, and she's not even 4, she has birthday expectations that blow any I've had out of the water . I feel so sorry for her poor future husband. I'll spare you all the details, but the worst part is that she HAS to be the boss and direct what is going to happen, but her plans really make no sense and would be impossible to actually pull off. How can I execute her orders if I can't even make sense of them (a pirate, princess, adventure, camping, fancy tea party party where she is the most fanciest of everyone, where there is a treasure chest filled with her presents and all the kids follow all her plans for the day.....makes me feel all twisted up just thinking about it). Whenever we start to discuss it and I try to turn it into something that makes sense she bursts into tears and informs me that it is her party and she wants to be the boss. So....any suggestions? I'm thinking I shouldn't have even told her her birthday was coming up....too late for that!

Luckily there are some things things that I LOVE about my life right now too...and (luckily for jeff who has to endure all my complaints) they totally outnumber and outweigh the bad stuff.

- my kids talk to my tummy all the time and sing songs to it....they are really excited for this new baby....do they have any idea what their in for? no.
- THERE ARE NO MORE DIAPERS IN MY HOME!!!! This is worthy of an entire blog entry (which i just can't seem to get around to). After being part of my life for almost 4 years they are gone now for a good 2 1/2 months. YIPEE!!!! Charlie has been day potty trained for a while now which has been great. He can even go to the bathroom by himself (his underwear usually end up backwards afterwards....). One day he commanded me "DON'T COME UP!" when he needed to do his business....no command has ever been so happily obeyed. Anyway, we ran out of diapers last week and I just couldn't bear to buy more, so we tried sleeping commando and it has worked now for nearly a week. Oh, I love it. I even love taking his dead weight little sleepy body to the bathroom before I go to bed at night. He closes his eyes the whole time and cuddles on my shoulder to and from the bathroom and makes the sweetest little noises when I snuggle him back into bed.
- my kids sleep really well, even when we're all in the same tent....this is a serious change from last summer when we had to leave our campsite at 2am with a Charlie who wouldn't stop pretending he was a bulldozer.
- my husband is awesome. he planned the greatest anniversary date for me right after girls camp. I felt so pampered and taken care of. More about that later.
- Hazel can dust off our stairs (which are ALWAYS grossing me out with all their dust). She's actually getting big enough to do chores and not make more of a mess while doing them. Hallelujah!
- I can feel fall in the air here. There is nothing like fall in New England. Apple cider, bright leaves. I can't wait.
- This baby inside moves like crazy....there is nothing more amazing (and weird) than feeling a little person inside of you.
- my new canon 40d (but not the obsession that went along with it). I'm going to love this camera.....I can feel it.
- so many fresh tomatoes from my garden that I can't keep up with them. There's nothing so delicious as a fresh garden tomato.
-Hazel and Charlie really are good friends. I love listening to them bust up about who knows what upstairs while I'm doing something downstairs. Yes, it often morphs into some kind of fight but, I think that overall the 16 month apart spread is finally paying off!
-I am seriously so blessed (you have to check out that blog)

More details and pictures to come.


  1. Hey Sayds...I've been missing you and this is a great way to catch up. Good luck on that birthday party! Congrats on no diapers. I'm excited for your new camera even though it's not a Nikon. I'm with you on the computer thing, and that other blog is pretty funny. Love you! Give the kids hugs from me.

  2. Saydi -

    I must say I really enjoyed this post.

    Because our blogs are read are in some ways our journal, but also a public journal, I sometimes worry that I may be sugarcoating things, giving others and especially my children an unrealistic snapshot of my life.

    You shared what's tough about life AND what's wonderful! It was so very refreshing.




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