Tuesday, September 02, 2008

6 years

So, after 6 years of marriage Jeff TOTALLY got our anniversary right. We've had some horrible doozies, and some really good celebrations, but this one blew them all out of the water. Jeff even sacrificed his "lower her expectations" strategy that he's been diligently working on for years to pull this one off. Boy was I a happy lady.

For any married male readers out there (I probably have 2 or 3 and they're all my brothers) here is the recipe for a really great anniversary:
  • arrange child care ahead of time....get everything prepared, don't let her know exactly what you're doing.
  • Plan a trip to the temple for the first part of the date. We went and did some sealings which was such a nice reminder of our wedding day.
  • Have her think that might be all you've planned.
  • Drive into the closest city (in our case it just happens to be very romantic Boston...on a perfect summer night.
  • Make reservations at one of the nicest restaurants in town, with REALLY REALLY good food and a romantic ambiance (this is key....especially for jeff as he'd prefer to eat at a greasy dive). Everything we tasted at Radius was delectable, amazing, perfect.
  • Don't show her the bill so that she doesn't worry all night that you've just spent your child's college fund for some food that might be worth it.
  • Walk around that amazing city and realize how cool it is that you live there.
  • stop for dessert at some fancy hotel.
  • excuse yourself to "use the bathroom"
  • check into the hotel....ask for an upgrade....we were upgraded to a Jr. Suite....ahhh...luxury.
  • run to the car and get the things that you so thoughtfully packed for her (since she had no idea she'd be away for the night).
  • go back to the dessert and make nice conversation about how she just deserves to be really pampered once in a while for all that she is doing as a wife and mother.
  • tell her that you want to see the view up on the 10th floor.
  • lead her to your room and hand her the key.
  • let her hold the remote control.
  • arrange for your dear good generous friends who are watching your kids to bring them to church in the morning so that you can sleep in and have a nice breakfast before meeting up with them for the third hour.
Great job Honey. Thank you.

Here's to three years of magic.


  1. Wait. So it's only been magical for 3 of those years? I hear ya, sister.

  2. Now how can you beat that? Sounds as though the other three just weren't worth putting in there. It's about time you got it right Jeff! Looks FABULOUS! Saydi you did a pretty great job with the pictures too!

  3. my favorite was the 'hold the remote' part. sounds like fun!!

  4. I will make sure Todd sees this. Good job Jeff. You just scored some major points with Saydi's friends, maybe not their husbands, but that's ok.

  5. Please remove this blog post before Rebecca sees it. This will cause material harm to my marriage.

  6. This sounds pretty awesome, though it may
    "raise the bar" a bit on anniversary celebrations!



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