Monday, August 04, 2008

You can do that?

Oh, the things Charlie learned this summer from these little guys (Saren's twins).
I LOVED watching these relationships grow all summer. Charlie and Hazel know their aunts and cousins and uncles and grandparents so much better now.....I love that connection so much.


  1. Ollie came into the office while I was checking out your blog and he was so psyched to see the pictures of Charlie and Saren's boys in the tractor. In fact, he is pitching an absolute fit because he wants to "see big tractor" again. What fun!!

  2. Hey we're back again this morning. Oliver wanted to "see big tractor" again. I think he's addicted.

  3. bet you didn't know this post would be quite so popular with the halversons. We're back again this morning Oliver is insanely jealous and wants to "ride big tractor". He is crying for "see Charlie" "see big tractor"



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