Monday, August 04, 2008

the Other Hazel

One of the highlights of Bear Lake is having my dear cousins and Aunt come up for the day. My cousin Lindsay had a little girl named Hazel a month before my Hazel and we both wanted to name our girls after our spunky grandma we did....and they are both THRILLED that there is another Hazel in the world.

They all had a great time at the beach, riding in the truck....and of course taking out the Carvers' awesome boat. Quite a contrast from our trusty old Master Craft (with mold growing all over the place and all the seats ripped up).

Our neighbors up there had this great dog that the kids practically followed around all day.

I was a little worried at the beginning of the day with my cousins because Hazel isn't too talented in the Social department. She's always trying to boss everyone around, and she's a lot younger than these girls, and I don't think that makes a great combo. (This is what she looks like when she bosses......yes, very attractive and inviting.
But, everything changed when I invited them all into my room and hosted a ragin' dance party. Suddenly Hazel was the popular girl and I was the mom that was trying way too hard to be cool so that kids will like my daughter. In an instant my future flashed before me and I was like that mom in the movie "mean girls"....trying WAY too hard to be cool and young and hip and making a huge fool of myself....but hey, it worked. For the rest of the day these four played dress up with all of Hazel's clothes. It feels nice to be popular.
My mom and Aunt Lena hosted a great baby shower for me and Kristi and my cousin-in-law Chelsea. They are always so generous. I think that most of my babies have been clothed out of the generosity of the Carvers and my mom and mother in law. What a blessing.

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  1. Hey, do you know what you are having yet?



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