Monday, September 15, 2008

Family Home Evening Announcements

When we have our act together we have a weekly Family Home Evening (something our church encourages us to do). We sing a song, say an opening prayer, do some family business and announcements, have a short lesson, sing a closing song and say a closing prayer. Then we play some sort of game (usually it's either duck duck goose or a strange form of hide and go seek where there's not much seeking, mostly popping out as soon as the looker starts looking).

The kids get pretty excited about this event. When we announce we're starting they both run for their little chairs and set them up and amazingly sit pretty still during the whole thing. We all love Monday nights.

Here were the announcements tonight from the kids:

Charlie: Airplanes live up in the sky.
Hazel: I am the most fancy princess.

And then during the lesson Charlie raised his hand with an additional announcement (that had nothing to do with the lesson) "When we die Jesus fixes up our bodies.....that's my announcement." Pretty good little Charlie.


  1. I wish my kids were that excited about FHE... but I can't complaint...they are always asking to read them the scriptures...
    So I live in Vancouver Island, Canada. It's going to be 5 years now in December that I moved here... and 5 years that I got married in January... so 3 kids in 5 yrs... not bad, hahaha
    I love it here but as you can imagine I MISS SPAIN!!! My mom is coming in a month and my dad, Patri and her husband are coming right after.... so I'm super excited!

  2. great updates, Sayds. Love the pictures. I love that you wrote down what the kids said. I wish I did that more. Love you!

  3. Good to read your blog and be updated with your live. Your children are so precious!!
    You can find a little bit more about me on my blog too! All I can say is that life isn´t treated me too bad, what am I saying? I am thrilled with so many blessings!!



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