Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I never thought I'd feel this way with 6 weeks left to go of pregnancy.....but just this morning I thought to myself....WAIT! Baby wait! Don't come yet! Life as it is right now is too good.

  • Hazel and Charlie are funny and nice to be around....they're starting to feel like my friends more than little attachments. They can make me laugh, buckle their own seat belts, read books with me that I find entertaining and even like to go shopping at the mall with me.
  • I can sleep all night, and sleep in in the mornings.
  • No one is using a bottle or a sippy cup.
  • No diapers!
  • The whole family helps clear the table after dinner, the kids do their little jobs and basically get ready for bed without much help.
  • These kids both talk to me and tell me the funniest, most interesting things that are running around in their little brains.
  • Hazel and Charlie will laugh their heads off at each other while they eat their lunch and I check my email.....they'll even sometimes put themselves down for their naps.....seriously.
  • We have no big baby toys around, the kids can pick up on their own, they can even help with dinner and set the table.
  • Jeff and I can go on date nights regularly.....we can have 13 year olds babysit cause Hazel can pretty much put herself and charlie to bed.
  • I can be out all day.....no strict nap schedules to stick to.
  • We can stay out late with the kids, they get loopy and sleep in the next day.
  • we can go camping and they actually go to sleep at a decent hour....and don't wake up.
  • we have funny dinner time conversations
  • I get to share this pregnancy with two little kids who are insanely excited about all
  • we don't have to use a stroller when we go to museums/malls/parks....they can both walk and actually stay near me.
Really, I could go on and on. Of course these are just the positive things....but they are the things I'm trying to relish for the next 6 weeks instead of complaining about the wows of being nearly 8 months pregnant with two little ones and way too much on my plate. When I stop and think about it, I just wish I could freeze time, kill my nesting instinct and put off all the other things that I need to do and just enjoy our family as it is before this amazing little kicking baby inside of me changes everything.

I'm sure there will be magical amazing family times to come......but here's to the magic that's all around me right now.


  1. Yeah, but just wait for the first time you see that newborn...and you see those "bigger" kids adore it as much as you do. Then you're in for magic. I'm so glad you're soaking it all in while you can now. It sure will change!! Love you.

  2. Hi Saydi,
    Thanks for the reminder. I am 30 weeks today and have spent most of the day complaining. I told David I wanted to fast forward the next 2 months. "No you don't, think of everything you'd miss." He's right. Tomorrow is new! No complaining! Congrats and enjoy it all!

  3. I LOVED this post! There are so many times I want to freeze time because life is happy.

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  5. Wow! How great that you wrote this down! To freeze the moment right now is fabulous! Don't look back at this list during those sleepless nights ahead but love every chance you get to hold and feed that baby because you have to share him/her with more people in the house. The family "constellation" changes every time a new baby arrives. It just gets more and more interesting. Plus, who knows you may just have an easy baby who sleeps all night the day you bring him/her home from the hospital! Not likely...but possible!

  6. Your children sound amazing. Even more amazing is the new one coming. This is Candice Bagley Rail, by the way. I accidentally stumbled upon your blog while reading my cousin's blog. She had in her friends and family list one of your Eyre siblings. I thought, "I knew the most amazing Eyre in Jerusalem". So I clicked on it, and there you were. Your blog is breathtaking. Your pictures are gorgeous along with some of the great thoughts in your head that you shared with the world. Anyway, you are awesome, and I was glad that I could get a glimpse of a good life. Yours.

  7. Saydi - Great to catch up with you and your wonderful family! And thanks for the wonderful perspective - we all need it, all the time. We're in France, as you may have heard and loving a chance to freeze time for a year. -Geoff



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