Friday, November 14, 2008

a camera in my brain would be nice

I so badly want to capture all the little expressions and movements and sounds this little ball on my shoulder makes but I can't tear myself away from her to go through the hassle of getting the camera out. Look at how tiny she is! Her whole body fits in a little softly breathing, sweet smelling ball on my shoulder.

Luckily Shawni will be here in a few hours.....she does have a camera permanently attached to her.

Speaking of Shawni, I've been trying my darnedest to pretend I'm her this past week. She loves newborns more than anyone I know and she savors every second of them. I've always said that the newborn phase isn't my favorite (that's the way we politely say "I hate" in our family). With the past two I've gotten so hormonally crazed about making them eat and sleep at the right time that it's hard to just enjoy. I remember calling Shawni up when she had just had her new little one and mine was about a year to reassure her that these first few weeks would pass and that before she knew it the baby would be bigger and be sleeping through the night. I was shocked that this comment didn't reassure her at all, but made her cry. "I LOVE getting up in the night with this little baby! It's the only time I have her all to myself!" She told me that earlier that day the little cord stump had fallen off and it made her cry to realize that she's growing up that fast.

So, this time around, I'm pretending I'm Shawni....and I have to say, it is working. Of course, she's only 5 days old and the real test will come in a week when I'm totally sleep deprived. But for now, I'm really enjoying those quiet moments at night when I can have this heavenly baby all to myself.

And, when I opened up her blanket this morning to find that the cord stump had fallen off my eyes did get a little teary.
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  1. Congratulations Saydi! I love all these blogs about the new baby. Emmeline is beautiful and tiny. All your pictures are amazing! I hope you all are doing well! I'd love to hear from you some time!

  2. I cried when Jack's fell off...big time. Have a great weekend with your awesome sissy.

  3. LOVE these pictures! How could any kids be more beautiful? Sisters are the best...and those brothers/sisters are pretty darn cool too!
    Love you

  4. That's a really cool self portrait!



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