Friday, November 14, 2008

Charlie and Emmeline

I think Charlie might be most into Emmeline. He just wants to look at her and "pet" her and hold her. When she's crying he says things like "Don't worry Emmeline, I am right here." Or "don't cry little baby, I'm just leaving for a minute." He is always asking me "where is our baby?" and telling everyone "our baby is really cute."

He was excited on the second day when I put her in the little bassinet by my bed. He climbed up on the bed and said in a sincerely enthusiastic tone, "now I can put my cheeks like this and look at her."
Of course, Charlie is having the normal 2 year old adjustment issues....but they're mostly taken out on me and Jeff. He's been pretty mad at us....stomping around the house and huffing with his hands on his hips (wonder where he got that one from, Hazel?).


  1. Saydi- Emmeline is just GORGEOUS! Good work. Wish we could get out there and snuggle her before she gets too big! Camden is working on a letter to Charlie about how great it is to be "smooshed by sisters".

  2. the freaky baby thing is freaking me out because she is so much cuter in real life than on the floaty uterus digitizer.

  3. congratulations! you guys have such a cute little family!



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