Saturday, November 01, 2008

Catching Up

Catching up.....that pretty much sums up what I feel like I've been doing for the past few weeks. Is it the nesting instinct? Is it that I have too much going on? Whatever it is, I feel behind and like I'm trying to catch up in every area of my life.

Luckily, with this baby coming, there is an end in site. No more work/young women's/ photography/ home renovations for a little while. But, with every end, there is also a huge beginning....this little baby will surely and quickly fill in any gaps getting rid of all those other things will leave.....but I'm happy and hopeful that maybe a change will be as good as a rest.

So, here is my attempt at catching up my blog. A million little things that I've had on a list in the back of my little head that won't go away until they are documented somewhere.

First, apple picking. One HUGE reason why I love living in New England. Seriously, what can beat a crisp fall day at the apple orchards.....testing out all the apples, climbing the trees, filling up a bushel with fresh amazing apples. And then, of course, there's the apple sauce and pie and Carmel dip. Oh, I love it. We went twice this year. Once with our little Joyschool group and once as a family (of course I don't have pictures of the family one cause Jeff really hates it when I stop to take pictures.)Do you think he likes his big sister? Seriously, these kids are great friends now. I am so in love with their makes me so happy to see them adore each other so much. I hope this lasts throughout their whole lives. There is nothing like a best friend sibling. Nothing.
I love these two pictures because they so perfectly portray the range of emotions that Hazel experiences in any given 60 seconds. She goes from perfectly delighted to downright angry in .5 seconds. Oh boy are we excited for her to be a teenager. She's slowly figuring things out, sweet girl.

I HAVE to document here how delighted we all are that Uncle Tal drops in to visit us every once in a while. He is an east coast sales rep and travels a lot, so over the past few months he's called us a few times with the great news that he is in town. He comes and takes the kids to the park and helps out with anything we need and tries out crazy dives with us for dinner and eats 32oz Fillet Minons and delights the kids in every way. The last time he came he showed up with 3 live lobsters. Man were my kids excited. Whenever we go to Stop and Shop they BEG me to buy a live lobster. I always say "maybe later" but can't bring myself to actually ever do it. Well, Tal saved me. They kids named them and once they were safely tucked in bed we boiled them up.
Man, those things really stink.....but they sure were tasty. Thanks Tal. We all LOVE you.

And now, going even further mid September our dear friends organized our annual camping trip to Ponkapog. We love this place. It is part of the Appalachian mountain club and you can rent these great rustic little cabins for pretty cheap. Hazel was delighted to be living like Laura in the little house books.....and we all enjoyed the beauty of the place and the good company. The kids couldn't get enough of duck duck goose.....bless those adults who had it in them to play too. Mostly the kids just liked that their camping chairs tipped over so easily. They were all in stitches by the end.
One of the dads spotted a turtle in the water and caught it for the kids to examine. they were all delighted.
Charlie and I spent the evening out on the boat dock watching the sun light up the water from beneath as it sunk into the horizon. It was a magical moment. Just me, and Charlie and his new most favorite toy dog, Wally. We walked back up to the campfire together hand in hand and Charlie asked me if I would hold his hand "forever." Oh, what a heart melter. I wish I could hold that little (oh, I mean big) guy's hand forever. You've got to admit, that's a pretty cool toy dog. It even wags it's little tail and shakes it's head as Charlie pulls it along. Got to love vintage Fisher Price.

And, I don't think I posted this on here before....but Hazel's Carrot came up! She was especially excited after reading "The Carrot Seed." A great old book that we all love.
Hmmm.... there really are a million other things that I wish I could document right now about Shumway life.....but I don't have pictures of them and I have placenta I'll have to just be better about blogging when I think of them.

Mostly, I just want to put down for the record how much I love my little family. We just moved Hazel and Charlie into the same room to make a nursery. There are many horrible all nighter won't go to sleep stories about this move.....but that should be another post. I just wanted to say that I went in to watch them sleep before I went to bed last night and was overwhelmed at how precious these little ones are to me.....and how this moving thing inside of me will one day be a little (I mean big) 2 1/2 year old nestled in a toddler bed who I will love with all my heart. Family, motherhood, life.....all amazing miracles.

There, I've caught up.....maybe I can go and have this baby now....

oh, I guess not until after we get the crib set up, the island installed in the kitchen, the 5 photo shoots edited and sent off, the big photo shoot at the statehouse captured, the bunk beds put in, the emails responded to, the bills paid, the house de-cluttered, the basement organized.....

still miles to go before I sleep.


  1. i tried the method for the last post, it seems to work fine. though i didnt remove the 1600-h part, i just chnaged s400 to s640 or change the mentioned height and width, to a larger number of pixels

  2. saydi,
    Amy (west) here!
    I check in on you ever so often. Love to see your sweet growing family. I sure miss you and am still counting on someday doing a trip with all of our "jerusalem friends".
    Love to you!

  3. Now that you're caught up you better not have that baby yet!! Wait for us. Can't wait. Sure love ya.

  4. Wow Saydi, these a fabulous pictures! I wanna go! What adorable kids! Can't wait to see them in just 17 days! I can see that you're ticking off the things that have to be done before the baby arrives. This blog is a big one! Love the BIG letters and love you!

  5. the great post sayds. you have go the blogger down. it is so great to see your kids. they just look like easterners. hazels carrot...i want to eat. i love carrots fresh out of the ground with a little dirt on them. the apple picking is something i tried to do driving back from north carolina but never found a place to go.



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