Sunday, November 02, 2008

horray for a handy husband!

I am giddy. I just filled the dishwasher, closed the door and pressed "normal wash."

Simple as it may sound, this is a hugely exciting event because for the past three years we've lived with a portable dishwasher....the kind you have to roll around your kitchen, plug in, attach to the faucet and turn on. Although that wasn't THAT big of a deal, and sure beat not having one at felt pretty dang luxurious tonight to skip those steps and just press go.

Jeff has been working for the past two Saturdays to reroute our plumbing, drill holes up through the floor, run electricity to where it needs to go and take apart the portable dishwasher in order to build it in. I am hugely thankful for such a handy and smart husband.

Meanwhile, i have been busy trying to figure out how to get an island built to house this dishwasher in the middle of our kitchen. After consulting with way too many Lowes and Ikea people our good friends recommended a great cabinet maker who made us a perfect structure that will encase our dishwasher, give us one more little cabinet and leave us with enough room for an overhang so that two kids can sit and eat in the kitchen.

Like I said, I'm giddy.

Thanks Jeff.

We just need to figure out the counter top and get it installed and we are DONE. Any suggestions? Black granite? Soap stone? Silestone? Honed Black granite? If anyone has any thoughts, please comment.


  1. Now if only we could get Jeff to direct his handy energy at an old British sports car. My vote is for soapstone. Please snap a photo of the cabinetmaker with his handiwork--I want to be able to remember Steve.

  2. good one d. i am laughing. that is impressive that jeff pulled that together even from the perspective of another fixer guy. leave it to you to figure out how to put an island in your kitchen...that is a feat. much harder than designing a kitchen and building it.

  3. Hi Saydi,
    I have solid black granite and love it. Really easy to keep clean and doesn't leave streaks like I was told it was gong to. I love how it looks too.
    My good friend has honed black granite. It is beautiful and she loves it but it is a little more maintenance as far as streaking and keeping clean but she says it is worth it for her.
    Hope that helps!
    xo amy

  4. you know how I feel about soapstone...i have never been so in love...



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