Sunday, November 02, 2008


Our kids were VERY much into Halloween this year. I loved it. They especially loved all the gaudily decorated houses all around our neighborhood with orange lights and spiderwebs and skeletons and tombstones. For the month of October I spent most of the time in the car responding to their squeals of glee at all the SPOOOKY houses that we were passing. I know they think it's pretty darn lame that the only decorations we have on our porch are a big pumpkin and some hardy mums. I'm caving in and tomorrow I'm headed out to see what kind of post-halloween craziness I can buy for a bargain so that next year they'll feel like we have a cool spooky house.

Hazel loved Halloween, but spent a lot of angst and energy trying to decide which costume she'd wear to which event..."ok. mom. for the joyschool party I'm going to be tinkerbell and then for the ward party I'll be a mermaid and then for trick or treating I'll be a lady bug.....oh, wait, no no no. For the ward party I'll be a fancy mummy and then for trick or treating I'll be tinkerbell....oh wait....for trick or treating I'll be a mermaid and for ......"

Oh man, that got old after a while....after all that angst she was pretty upset when Charlie won a prize at the ward party for the scariest costume and she didn't get much attention for her much deliberated decision to be a mermaid. Oh, the drama and disappointment and emotions of being 4 with Hazel's strong personality. Poor little girl.

Here are some pictures. My personal favorite was Hazel's "fancy pink mummy costume." I loved it that she insisted that I dress up her doll Pinky too.Oh, and Charlie was as laid back as ever....content to put on whatever costume I could find around the house. He was a SCARY green monster, a motorcycle driver and a "cool dude baseball" guy.


  1. tell chuckles i want to hang out with him. tell haz i do not want ana to get together with her because the combination and strengthening of their wills could be catastrophic.

  2. Love all the costumes. You're a good Mom for letting your kids have so many costumes! Also love all the pictures. I wish I had your skills and your lenses. We miss you guys. Free babysitting when you come to New York.

  3. Such cute kids! I love their costumes! I hope that all is well with you and your cute family!



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