Monday, November 17, 2008

Falling in Love

I am totally smitten with this little thing. She is far. I'm pretty sure that will all change in just a few days, but for now I'm basking in the honeymoon baby phase.

Here are just a few of the things that make her amazing:

1. She has an AWESOME smile. I swear she smiles when she is really awake (not just the gassy smiles like my other kids had).
2. She looks us right in the eye for long periods of time. She has these deep blue eyes that I just get lost in.
3. All her little funny newborn expressions and poses. I can't quite capture them in time, but they are amazingly endearing. The pursed lips glazed in milk after feeding, the little rosebud mouth, the big yawns with the superman fist stretched out in front of her, the lip smacking, the scrunched up face....the sleeping on her little hands.....oh, I love them all.

4. she is amazingly calm and mellow and alert. She wakes up right on schedule (almost exactly 3 hours after the last feeding) and just sucks on her little hands or looks around until someone notices and picks her up. Every once in a while she'll let out little shout...."here I am guys!" Then she'll just go back to yawning and looking around and swimming her little arms around.
5. She sleeps really really well so far. She wakes up and sucks her fingers till I wake up and then she eats in 10 min and falls right back to sleep. No burping, no spitting up, tollerates a wet diaper all night long....I'm actually getting some sleep for the first time in my newborn experience. Bless you my little girl.
6.She passes gas really easily.
7. She loves music. It's the only consistent thing we can find to keep her awake during the day. She'll just lay on the floor and listen and look around.
8. She is the most cuddly, sweet smelling little thing...I actually end up wanting to just cuddle her in the middle of the night instead of falling back asleep.... and that's really saying something.
9. She makes such sweet little whimpers and sighs. She even laughed in her sleep the other night.
10. She's a great little poser when I get the camera out. Does everything I want her to do. Why can't Charlie and Hazel follow her example?
But, she really sucks (mind the pun) at breastfeeding. I forgive you little can't be perfect in EVERY way.


  1. she is just gorgeous Saydi! You got the baby that you needed. I'm sorry she's not totally perfect in the breastfeeding arena. Darn Elsie did the same thing (she was tongue tied). Hang in there. You were bound to have one bad breastfeeder just to give you compassion for people who have all bad eaters. On the other hand, once she "gets it", you'll quickly forget how bad it was, and so the lesson is lost. Hmmm...
    Post a video of her just being, if you can. Like 10 minutes of her just breathing. Otherwise, please keep feeding us photos. We love them!! She truly is perfect. -Aja

  2. She is beautiful - and what a treasure to have so many pictures that capture her right now. Congratulations!



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