Friday, November 07, 2008

I'll clean my car track, you edit pictures

Charlie has figured it out. I spend most of my time these days editing pictures. I didn't think he even knew what "editing" was....but yesterday after lunch he ordered me to do just that while he spent about an hour cleaning (with all our baby wipes) his "race car" track toy. I'm so happy that he's so laid back and will let me do all this work......but after a while I had to get down on the ground with him and race cars....I can't spend all my pre-baby time on the computer!

Here are some shots from recent photo shoots. I have loved doing gets me outside, I'm learning a TON and meeting so many cool families.
I loved how serious this little guy was in all the pictures. He seems like he as a very wise soul.
Isn't family a wonderful thing?
One of the things I love about photography is that it stays. I edit a picture and come back the next day and there it is, all nicely edited still. There is little in Motherhood that is like a full time mother I've decided that it's really nice to have a creative outlet.....even if it means charlie's car tracks get cleaned for an hour while I edit.

Three photo shoots left to edit and then maybe one more on monday and I'm done for a while.


  1. It's a good thing that you like doing this because you are SO DANG GOOD AT IT!

  2. These shots are spectacular! YOu're getting better every week! Tell Charlie to just keep on cleaning that track for a few more days. Love to all, Mom

  3. Typical Megan in that family pic. She is just hilarious. Love the pics. I wish we were close so you could take our newborn pics again. You do such a fantastic job!



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