Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pepperoni vs Charlie

Because Emmeline arrived a bit early, we were caught flat-footed. No food in the cupboard, no competent adult supervision (e.g., adult besides me) to help out.

Sunday mid-day, Hazel, Charlie and I went off to the store to get some essentials. Based on my last experience with cooking (see previous post regarding pizza, salad, and broccoli), I decided to stick to Saydi's shopping list. It included many green things that are created by water, sun and dirt, instead of in a factory like God intended. My one deviation was pepperoni because the kids dig it.

We got home and I started making what I thought to be an excellent lunch (little sandwiches made out of poppin' fresh biscuits with pepperoni and pepper jack cheese).

Charlie decided to put two pieces of pepperoni over his eyes (his mommy sometimes does this with cucumbers as a joke). I thought this was mildly funny, but then noticed the oil slicks all around his eyes, so I grabbed a dishtowel and rubbed his eyes vigorously. This was a bad move.

Charlie starts wailing 'AAAAAAHHHHH!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!' as soon as the spicy pepperoni oil hit his poor little eyeballs. So I tried a wet cloth, and that didn't do much better.

In the end, it was an uncomfortable few minutes until tears flushed out the 'spicy-ness'.

But the little sandwiches sure were a hit with everyone! At least everyone not named Saydi.

To make it up to him, I took Charlie out for a little date running errands, ending up at the Hostess outlet store. Because nothing says 'I'm sorry' like little cupcakes wrapped in plastic.


  1. You are your father's son, no doubt about it!

  2. Jeff, I love your posts - Taylor and I talk about them all the time.
    Keep up the good work!
    Stacey, Taylor and Theo

  3. Jeff you should give up your day job and be a writer. Simply fabulous!
    Love you even more this week for being mom and grammie as well as dad and husband. Hang in there brother. Shawni's on the way in only one more day!

  4. Jeff. this may be the best post i have ever read. Kristi is in tears.


  5. I'm with Noah. Hilarious.



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