Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two 'M's - we're sticking with it.

There has been a bit of internal struggle within our little family about how to spell the name of our new baby.

I would like to announce that we are going to stick with 'Emmeline' with two 'M's. I say 'stick' because this is the way I spelled it on the birth certificate forms after checking on the spelling of Emmeline B. Wells' name (early Mormon suffragette, R.S. President, founder of 'Women's Exponent', and all around cool gal).

Then in a fit of indecision, we changed it and sent out emails to everyone with only one 'm'. The thinking was that we didn't want confusion with 'Emma'. But then I realised that some people pronounce 'Emeline' like Emma-leen.

So I'm changing it back because Saydi said I'm in charge. And I have to run with that while it lasts...


  1. Glad you're going with 2 "mms". I like the connection to Mormon heritage, the closeness to the family Emmas (Grandma Freeman, two favorite aunts of my mother) and the fact that one "m" looks kind of trendy, even though I know you said it was the more common spelling in the 19th century. Looks a little more like a "made-up" name, and I'm a firmly planted traditionalist.

  2. oh good I spelled it right on my blog! Whew.

  3. It's Shawni not Max.

  4. We're in favor of the spelling too! Though I told Karen you could always go al estilo Utah County and spell it "Emalign". Whaddaya think?!

  5. I was just going in my blog to change this when I found this message. I really like the thinking. Two mms sounds right to me! In your spare moments send more pics! That baby has got to be changing EVERY day! In case of total chaos (which is likely), I can wait five more days!



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