Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanks to Shawni, Lucy and Max

We made it through the first two weeks!
I need to give a huge shout out to Shawni for coming all the way across the country, leaving her husband with three of her kids and bringing Lucy and Max with her so that she could take care of us for 5 whole days. There is just nothing like having a sister around. Nothing. Especially a sister who is so close to perfect sometimes you want to kill her, but then she is so nice and so lovable you can't even begin to hate her for being so amazing. She's one of those people who just feels nice to be around, she makes everyone feel happy and comfortable.....especially little newborns.She cooked for us and did laundry and cleaned our house and took Hazel and Charlie out for much needed adventures. She slept a whole night with Emmeline so that I could get some much needed sleep. She took pictures of the babe and cuddled her up pretty much non stop. She changed all the diapers and helped me get tons of little projects done that have been weighing on me. And I'm sure she did a million other little things quietly....behind the scenes. She's amazing.

And the kids loved having Lucy and Max around. Charlie absolutely fell in love with Max....thinks he is the coolest kid in the world...and he just might be.
And Lucy was a darling. She spent most of her time here walking around with a box of cereal and exploring our different toy boxes. If she heard Emmeline cry she'd look up and say "baby?" and go looking for her. Sweet cousins. She wasn't quite as sweet for Shawni and Max on the airplane, which makes their journey out to help us even more monumental.

I'll never forget those 5 days Shawn. And I love it that you and little Em will have that bond.

Thanks for making that huge trek out for us guys. We love you and miss you already!

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  1. Sayds you're way too nice. WAY too nice, but thanks for making my day. Oh man we sure LOVED being there. I just can't seem to get enough minutes to blog the rest of it. The definite highlight of the trip was just being able to snuggle up that little baby and to be with you guys...the amazing Shumway family. Love you guys SO much!



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