Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank Heavens for Grammie!

And the other reason we've made it through the first two weeks is that Grammie made it back from South East Asia and is now here pampering us to death. Jeff can't believe how he lucked out with Grammie for a mother in law....looking back on it, I think maybe he married me just so that she could be his mother-in-law.
She's been cooking and cleaning and crafting with Hazel and chatting with charlie and getting up in the morning and making Jeff breakfast and burping and cuddling and bathing little Emmeline.

life just seems so much more doable wih your mom around.
Basically, she rocks. Seriously, I don't think you can get more Christlike and selfless than my mom. She is amazing. I'm cherishing every second that she's here.


  1. Oh those pictures are beautiful! Your mom does rock! I cant wait to meet this little one someday! She is absolutly gorgeous!

  2. Love these pictures!

  3. gosh your mom looks gorgeous. That little girl is darling.

  4. Man I'm grateful for a fabulous camera...especially when one of the subjects needs lots of work! Wow, how I loved being with you and seeing your love for you kids, your house, your partner and for cooking! You have been so blessed with adorable, imaginative, brilliant, creative children and one great treasure for a husband. How did you manage to find someone who is as good at taking care of the household projects as he is taking care of you and the kids...and so many others who need his great mind and ability to see needs? What a Shumway family!!! I am soblessed to have a peek at it first hand!



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