Tuesday, November 25, 2008

go see it

Last night Grammie sent us out on a date. Oh, the sweetness of being out with Jeff....and no baby attached...not inside...not out. It was heaven.

And we saw an incredible movie: Slumdog Millionaire. You should all go out and see it.

It was fabulous. Beautiful cinematography, moving, funny, sad, thought provoking, great music....I loved it.

It is rated R.....this is for some pretty graphic violence. If you want to self-edit it to PG-13 just close your eyes.....you'll know when you need to.

It's about some street kids in India. It was a little hard for me to watch because it was so real in so many ways and reminded me of those little orphans that I worked with all those summers ago. It's a great movie to watch around Thanksgiving, makes you grateful and aware and makes your heart feel a bit bigger.

So go see it. Now.

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