Monday, December 29, 2008

Emmeline's Christmas

Emmeline spent most of the Christmas season at the foot of the lighted Christmas tree. She loved the lights and shinning ornaments. I wish I could have laid right down there with her....seriously, there are few things as peaceful as a lighted Christmas tree.
This little girl is mostly PEACE and has helped us remember the true light of this season. One of my favorite Christmas readings is from a book by Dennis Rasmussen:

In the darkness of Bethlehem the omnipotent God became an impotent

Baby. The hands that made the world and hung the stars in the sky were now

just large enough to grasp a mother's finger.....

In the vision of a King born in a stable, attend by the animals and visited

by the shepherds, I am led to the ever startling paradoxes that are the

essence of the gospel: out of weakness comes strength; out of simplicity,

profundity; out of humility, dignity; out of humanity, divinity. I am freed

from the judgments and vanities of the world. I see the wisdom of its wise

men perish before a deeper truth as three gifts are laid and human wisdom

kneels before a little Child.


  1. When my mom brought me home from the hospital, she asked my three-year old brother what he wanted to do with me. He replied, in his little Boston accent, "Throw her in the gahbage!"

    Hope your Christmas was great and happy new year!!

  2. That Hazel! She's a pretty smart cookie with a wonderful creative imagination! I need her to help me figure out what to do with all this left-over Christmas "sutff"!



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