Friday, December 12, 2008

Just when I thought

I was getting a loose loose loose handle on life with three kids Hazel and Charlie woke on two consecutive nights barfing with the stomach flu. And of course, those barfing nights were the two nights that Emmeline decided to sleep for a record 5 hours.....oh that could have been a nice stretch of sleep for me!

So, I decided to pretend I'm like my selfless mom and just drudge on through without using my energy to complain.....and guess what, those sick days weren't so bad.

I've decided that motherhood (even on pretty crappy days) is totally doable, and even enjoyable when I see it for the tough challenge that it is. I've decided i need to view my motherwork the same way I view childbirth. Essentially they are both "labor." Labor that's productive and meaningful and can be extremely magical. During childbirth I try really hard to get through it with some measure of think about the pain as productive, to think about the women all over the world and throughout time who experience the same intense experience and survive it. Maybe if I start thinking about my everyday work as a mom this way I can stop complaining and see it as productive, challenging work that is meaningful and spotted with intense joy and beauty (when you're able to look for it).

I like being a mom. I like being a mom. I like being a mom.

So, that's my pep talk for myself today (and probably the most thinking my tired brain can muster in a day).

Now, off to rescue the kids from PBS.


  1. WOW Saydi. If a whole lot of barf and lack of sleep can produce something like's totally worth it! Fabulous analogy! Hang in there kiddo! Sure love you.

  2. I like the term "motherwork." That made me smile today. And it was a LONG day. Thanks!

  3. You are a great mom! I absolutly love reading your blogs! They give me hope, laughter, joy, and more laughter! Miss you lots and hope to see you all soon!

  4. Oh, you inspire me Saydi... I am going to stop complaining and try to be like your saintly mother too!

  5. Good job Sayds...I need to incorporate this too. Love you!

  6. Is this the Sister Eyre that I loved so much that taught me the discussions so long ago? It's Laura Davis (now Billquist) - from ISU, in Pocatello.
    I have often thought about you, and how much you taught me and changed my life. Thank you so much! You can email me at



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