Monday, December 29, 2008

The Nutcracker

Last year Hazel and I went on a "fancy" date to the Nutcracker. She has been talking about it on and off ever since....and every time she talks about it her eyes light up....I think it was one of the highlights of her life. So, we decided to go again this year. She looked forward to it all month. We were by far the fanciest of the people there (it's a youth ballet production, so not too fancy). She really got the story this year (thanks to Grandma Shumway reviewing it with her with some pretty cool paper dolls that she brought for Hazel). She clapped at all the right places and this year restrained herself from getting up and dancing in the isle. She was mesmerized by all the fanciness and told me after wards that when she grows up she wants to be a dancer and a mom. It's so fun having some one on one time with this little girl. She is growing up so fast, she's so much bigger than last year at the Nutcracker. She's learning so much and she is so adult when you have her all to adult that it scares me. I keep telling her to stop growing up and she says that she can't....unless she is allowed to eat a whole bunch of candy....which would make her body too unhealthy to grow fast. Logical yes. A good plan? No.

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  1. How absolutely gorgeous you both look! FUN! We loved our Nutcracker performance too! Hug that cute Hazel for us!
    Love you,



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