Friday, January 23, 2009

16 ball club

Hazel and Charlie's favorite game as of late is called, "16 Ball club." They LOVE it and I don't even get it (maybe that's why they love it). They are totally dedicated to this game.

It consists of:
1. Hazel being the boss
2. crazy music and dancing around various items (some weird tinker toy structure that they call soda pop, a box decorated and full of random items, or various groupings of stuffed animals.)
3. complicated rules about where you can or can't dance (strictly enforced by Hazel). Usually you have to dance around the outside border of our far as I can tell.
The game is so complex I can't play it without them accusing me of totally not doing it right. So, I just let them play and take advantage of a little time for my own stuff (of course with crazy music blaring). It keeps them busy for hours. I love the 16 ball club.

I know I'm not this happy after all the Hazel bossing.....bless this little boy!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE being bossed around by Hazel. That girl is going to be in charge of the world and she need some serious practice!
    Love you! Mom



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