Friday, January 23, 2009

charlie has lost his power

We did it. We cut Charlie's luscious locks........I nearly cried. It was even harder for me than getting my own hair cut (and that is saying A LOT).
Although it looks like Charlie is extremely concerned in this picture, he was actually DELIGHTED to get a hair cut just like his dads.
I'm not sure what drove Jeff to do give up living his long hair dream vicariously through his son. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was never washing or brushing our child's long hair and in the dry static-y winter weather it wasn't looking nearly so surfer boy coolish as it did last summer.
I was hoping we could leave it like this for a few days just to really freak out the grandparents.

Charlie's thinking "what on earth have i done?"

It was so thick and long that the razor kept getting all gummed up and jeff had to cut a bunch off with scissors.

wow, I'm so glad charlie doesn't have back hair like this at his young age....he'd be in TROUBLE when he got older (given the hairy back genes that I'm sure he has).

Look at all that hair on the ground. It broke my heart to sweep it into a bag and just throw it away.....but I didn't think keeping it to make a lovely sort of hairy stuffed toy as a keepsake was a very good idea.
Charlie was pretty thrilled. That has got to feel pretty different. He went around the house for a few days rubbing his "scrubby" head.

Jeff thinks that by cutting his hair we may have sliced his personality in half.
Nope...I don't think so.

but I do have to keep telling myself "it will will grow"


  1. so sad, his hair is so cute! he's still cute but i loved the long hair!

  2. That boy is just plain adorable, no matter what you do to his hair! He'll love seeing these pictures when he's 18!

  3. Way cuter! And no lice!

  4. How cute is he! I love those pictures! He is so adorable! I miss you lots!



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