Thursday, February 26, 2009

bad to the bone

Charlie is super into being a tough guy lately. He especially likes dancing like he's the baddest thing around. If you just saw this video and didn't know Charlie, there's no way you'd guess that under that 'bad to the bone' facade he has the softest, sweetest little heart.

We made an itunes play list of his favorite songs and he really digs them all....and so do I. The play list really reflects his diverse personality....a little classical piano and cello, some soft songs about fireflies and a lot of crazy stuff like 'beat it' by Michael Jackson and 'bad to the bone.' He gets the same expression on his face when all the crazy songs come on (the jutting out his jaw expression). And when the mellow ones come on he comes and gives me a great cuddle. I love that Charlie.


  1. estelle is loving that bad to the bone one

  2. how do you get your video's to show so big?

  3. YOu just gotta love that guy!

  4. I watched this once without sound (because I have to use earphones, which weren't available) but it's so much better with sound! Sure glad that sword bends!



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