Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, this girl has regressed in the sleeping department....but at least she throws out smiles and now little giggles at the drop of a hat. She gets especially loopy when she's been awake for too long. Boy, it's hard to get things done with her around. Either she's trying to fall asleep and I'm stopping what I'm doing to plug her up with the bink every 5 min or she is in a super smiley mood and all I feel like doing is sitting down and babbling with her. Who would have thought baby talk could be that fun?


  1. i love those fart noises you are making at the end there saydria. great job on that. that is one great laugh.

  2. Man Sayds I don't know if I love Emmeline's laugh more or yours. So sweet. Now I really want another baby, gosh darn it. We just need to get you here so I can soak her in a little more. I keep bugging Dave about when he's going to China but he still doesn't know. I told him the plan of just making our plan and having him travel around it but he wasn't too hip on I'll let you know as soon as he gives me word.

    I LOVE that baby photoshoot...SO cute. And I love the family love one too...will you take our family pics. this summer?? I'll have a pep talk with Dave before and tell him to be all happy and lovey before and have him practice his karate chop jumping.

    Sure love you!



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